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Preventive maintenance

Performs preventive maintenance at your unit in order to:

  • Preserve the reliability of your equipment
  • Increase its lifespan
  • Avoid unexpected breakdowns that require costly production shutdowns

Customized service: we adapt our services to your needs! We can ensure the provision of service as well as spare parts management if this is required.

Curative maintenance

Our team draws on its full skill-set and resources to be highly proactive during any non-predictable machine failure.

Always by your side, we will assist and intervene in the quickest time possible.


“We start getting old when we finish learning”

Rich from experience, we offer training module design according to the target brief:

  • At an engineering school or training center.
  • Training modules adapted to your aims and tailored to the relevant topics; demonstrable and interactive modules.


At your company

We also offer different types of training to assist you in your research and production projects

  • Equipment maintenance training
  • Training in equipment usage
This operation involves measuring the same quantity (temperature, speed, pH) with the equipment to be calibrated and also with our standard equipment, and comparing the results from each of the two instruments. We are equipped with the following tools:
– mV mA generator
– Calibration oven and reference temperature probe
– Ph and pO2 generator
– Pressure generator
– Digital tachometer
– Mass flowmeter measuring stand
calibrage étalonnage
Is your fermenter / bioreactor old? Some of the features are obsolete perhaps? It may be more economical to give it a second life with a “revamping” (reconditioning and / or rejuvenation).
We can offer solutions fully adapted to your equipment and your processes.
Do you have a bioreactor / fermenter subject to the Pressure Equipment Directive? We will take care of all tank preparation, making it ready for inspection:
– Opening domes
– Plugging holes
– Disassembly of agitations and installation of buffers with drain valve
– Preparation of the double jacket with adapted flanges
– Supply of parts and joints if necessary
– Provision of the test pump
épreuve décennale